Kiwanis Division 35 is integrally involved in the Kiwanis Rose Float's success. Many members donate hundreds of hours in preparation and delivery of the finished product, e.g. the 2013 Volunteers' Trophy award-winning Kiwanis International Rose Float.  Almost every penny of the thousands of dollars it costs to develop this great Kiwanis advertising vehicle is raised through the hard work and efforts of the Rose Float Club & the Rose Float Committee. 

Thousands of Kiwanis Sponsored Youth every year put a super-human effort into decorating the Kiwanis Rose Float, and as many as 14 other floats that are assembled in the same warehouse-tent. As volunteers, they receive no money. But thousands of dollars are donated into the CalNevHa Foundation's Scholarship Fund for our Sponsored Youth.

Visit the Kiwanis Rose Float website here.

Kiwanis 2014 Rose Float

The 2014 Rose Parade theme is "Dreams Come True"
Our float theme is "Bridging Children's Future"

Kiwanis 2013 Rose Float
Tournament Volunteers' Trophy-winning Float

A Child's Magic Carpet Ride!

In Production:

But first you need the concept:

Kiwanis 2012 Rose Float

                                     2012 Kiwanis Rose Float - Winter Wonderland

Click here to see photos of the Jan 1, 2011 Rose Float & Feeding of the Kids on Dec 28, 2010

 The 2010 Rose Parade theme was "A Cut Above The Rest"

On Dec 30, 2009, the television news had two brief pieces about Kiwanis and the decorating of the Rose Floats in the Phoenix Pavilion.  Without Kiwanis, none of the 7 floats would get completed.  Service hours would be lost, and the sheer fun & enjoyment of the decorating Kiwanians would be lost.

This first link is to the 2-minute interview with Div. 35's Past Lieutenant Governor Dave Wallach:  (click the underlined sentence)

The second is the interview with Kiwanis International President Paul Palazollo: (click the underlined sentence)

Visit the Kiwanis Rose Float website (click the underlined sentence)

The 2010 Rose Parade theme is "A Cut Above The Rest"

Our float theme is "Above The Rest"

Click here for the Kiwanis 2010 Rose Float rendering (click the underlined sentence) 

Rose Float 2009 Rendering

Rose Float 2008 Rendering  


In January, 2007, the Kiwanis float, “Together We Can” won the National Trophy for the best depiction of life in the United States, past, present, or future, and a Kiwanis-family member reigns as the 2007 Rose Queen. Rose Float 2007 - Kiwanis International Article

Rose Float Pictures- just a few pictures for the 2007 Award-Winning Kiwanis Rose Float

Each year many groups are asked to contribute to the feeding of 500+ kids who do the site decorating on just 1 specific day each decorating season.  Our Division 35 Clubs are asked to help on one of those dates, and our Clubs do so, through our Rose Float Feed the Kids Fund.  It actually costs more than $2,500 to feed these kids a hot meal that day, the only hot meal they'll get during a day of hard work -- and fun. 

Our float theme is "Above The Rest"

Click here for the Kiwanis 2010 Rose Float rendering (click the underlined sentence)